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Prohibited Now Available at 180 Smoke Canada

Attention Canadian cannabis enthusiasts! Prohibited is pleased to announce that our In the 5h Degree vaporizer is now available in Canada via e-cigarettes and herbal vaporizer retailer 180 Smoke Vape Store. It will be available[…]

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Vaping Memes: Which is Your Favorite?

Vaping memes express feelings we all share, but can’t always put into words. Whether it’s about getting your vape mail or passing the vaporizer, we can all relate. And even though we can share these[…]

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Joya G Prohibited Review

We are so happy to get a video from WeedTuber Joya G trying out the Prohibited in the 5th Degree vape. In it, she vapes CBD with the Concentrates Cartridge, then switches over to the[…]

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Prohibited E-Rig Cartridge Reviews

If you follow Prohibited on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, you may have heard all about the new E-Rig Cartridge for our In the 5th Degree vaporizer. This glass bubbler attachment comes with 3 E-Nails in[…]

Show Us Your Prohibited Vape on Social!

(featured image by @sweetness_tvl) Tag Prohibited On Your Instagram Shots   If you haven’t followed @prohibitedvapor on Instagram, what are you waiting for?   We love sharing our #weedvape shots with you on social. And[…]