Industry Reviews

DOPE Magazine

"No other portable vaporizer gives you this functionality and compatibility at this price point."

"In addition to its versatility and functionality, In the 5th Degree makes it easier than ever to travel with your vape."

"Their vaporizers are honestly, unabashedly designed for weed, and their latest product, In the 5th Degree — or just 5th Degree for short — aims to be the most efficient and versatile device on the market."


"Most will agree that a good handheld vaporizer is one that's easily operated, isn't cumbersome to hold, has a long-lasting battery, and doesn’t break the bank. In this sense, the Prohibited Fifth Degree is perhaps the platonic ideal of a handheld vaporizer, and at $200, it's a steal."


"Bro, do you like vapes bro? ... This bad boy of branding is a dual purpose vaporizer, for cannabis loose leaf and concentrates, with two magnetically attached cartridges and quick charging. ... Marketing aside, the Prohibited 5th Degree is a pretty solid vape...."


"Designed with interchangeable cartridges so you can smoke concentrates or dry herb whenever you please, the Prohibited in the 5th Degree vaporizer is one of the industry’s most highly coveted products."

"The Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer is the coolest new gadget to hit the market for vaping weed and concentrates. In fact, it's the coolest one we've ever seen."


"If you want style and in your face attitude mixed with convenient practicality and high (pun intended) performance then you want the Prohibited."

"The 5th Degree Vaporizer is the flagship device from Prohibited, and it oozes cool. The most powerful of the 'Prohibited In The' series of vapes, the 5th degree also focuses on THC vaping to give you one of the most enjoyable and consistent vaping experiences around."


"Overall the Prohibited vaporizers are well built and stem from a new company that has parent companies that have been in the vaporizer business for quite a while. The versatility, portability, build quality, attachments and overall look and feel to the Prohibited line are very good."


"It does a fantastic job vaporizing all my strains of herb, and performs equally well with my shatter, hash and wax. The vapor and flavor produced with both is surprisingly potent, smooth and pure."

"This isn't like your average multi-material vape though, mostly because it actually works. But it doesn't just work, it works very well. The vapor quality when using it with either material is very impressive, and it's also small and easy to carry around with you."


"It's always nice when you purchase a top of the line product that you get a suitable package that's well thought out and highly impressive."


"The 5th Degree Vaporizer is the most advanced device we've ever tried for buds and concentrates ever. … The concentrates cartridge is our favorite part of the Prohibited In The 5th Degree Vaporizer because it performs far better than anything on the market today. The cartridge is the first one to use dual-quartz and titanium to deliver some of the thickest and most consistent vapor out there."

"In the 5th Degree Vaporizer from PROHIBITED is a smart technology, multi-functional Vaporizer that lets you vape Dry Herbs, and Concentrates including Oils and Wax. With so many new multi-type vapes on the market, it's nice to find one that works great and is reasonably priced."


"The Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer is the single best purchase you can make right now. It blows away the Pax series kits and pretty much anything else portable on the market today. "

"New vape company PROHIBITED has hit the ecig market with style and panache, selling high tech, high end Vape Pens. ... They simply offer a premium vaping experience for anyone interested in vaporizing dry herbs, wax and oils..., and those interested are out there."


"With this vaporizer kit, you will be able to vape both Dry Herb and Concentrates*, as well as charge your device via USB port or from a standard wall outlet."

"The market is flooded with cheap dry herb vaporizers, and most of them offer a sub par experience. The Prohibited, despite the name, provides excellent value for money."